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Meet Jumanji by reading about things he likes. Enjoy lots of photographs of Jumanji and other big cats at Big Cat Rescue. Learn about Enrichment and see photos and videos of the cats. Learn about Big Cat Rescue, what we do, how we got started, how we keep records on the cats, and research projects we participate in.

209 Pages – Released February 2016

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If enough people request this book be updated, I will set aside the time to do that.

Big Cat Rescue has evolved since its inception in 1992. By 1997 we had seen enough of the abuse and abandonment caused by the pet trade that we had previously engaged in to know that there was no reason to breed exotic animals for lives in cages. As a result, we increased our efforts through spaying, neutering and cage building to ensure that we would no longer be a part of the problem. As we have continued to learn about the causes of so much suffering we have become active in stopping the exotic pet trade through education and legislation.

This book is provided for those running a sanctuary who want to learn from our experience, or for those who have already made the mistake of supporting the pet trade so that the animal in your care does not suffer even more after being ripped from his mother. With more than 30 years experience, with every sort of exotic cat, I can assure you that there is nothing you can do to raise up an exotic cat to be a house pet. It just isn’t possible. No matter how young you neuter or spay the cats, both male and female, ALWAYS spray when they become adults.

The suggestions in this book are for those who are starting sanctuaries so that you don’t become another one of the 98% who kill their exotic animals in the first two years due to a lack of knowledge.

NOTE: In the future, we will break this very large book down into smaller books in a series. When that is complete we will re-release it as PDF, and Kindle, but for now it is only available in iBooks format. Get the iBook FREE for iPad from iTunes

Big Cat Digital Books

  • Big Cat Care, How to Start a Sanctuary
  • Black Leopard - Jumanji
  • A Leopard named Armani
  • Shaquille, Shattered Dreams
  • Species Spotlight - Caracal Lynx (Featuring Rusty & Sassy)
  • The Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue
  • The Dunking, China Doll and Shere Khan
  • Big Cat Attacks
  • The Lions of Big Cat Rescue, Picture Book
  • Meet JoJo, Wildcat Hybrid Gets a New Home
  • The Elusive Sand Cat
  • The Black-Footed Cat, a.k.a. The Ant Hill Tiger
  • Who Is Big Cat Rescue
  • Tigrina or Oncilla
  • Black Panthers, Fact or Myth
  • A Tiger Named China Doll LOVES Her Pumpkin

Important Issues

  • Common Myths that Fuel the Cruel Big Cat Selfie Trade and How You Can Avoid Them

Cook Books

  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  BBQ & Grilling
  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  Breads
  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  Breakfast
  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  Cakes, Cupcakes, & Brownies
  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  Cookies

Non-Cat Books

  • Who Do You See?
  • African Wild Dog
  • Working With Wild Horses