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Digital Books

Big Cat Digital Books

  • Big Cat Care, How to Start a Sanctuary
  • Black Leopard - Jumanji
  • A Leopard named Armani
  • Shaquille, Shattered Dreams
  • Species Spotlight - Caracal Lynx (Featuring Rusty & Sassy)
  • The Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue
  • The Dunking, China Doll and Shere Khan
  • Big Cat Attacks
  • The Lions of Big Cat Rescue, Picture Book
  • Meet JoJo, Wildcat Hybrid Gets a New Home
  • The Elusive Sand Cat
  • The Black-Footed Cat, a.k.a. The Ant Hill Tiger
  • Who Is Big Cat Rescue
  • Tigrina or Oncilla
  • Black Panthers, Fact or Myth
  • A Tiger Named China Doll LOVES Her Pumpkin

Important Issues

  • Common Myths that Fuel the Cruel Big Cat Selfie Trade and How You Can Avoid Them

Cook Books

  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  BBQ & Grilling
  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  Breads
  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  Breakfast
  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  Cakes, Cupcakes, & Brownies
  • Cooking Big Cat Style:  Cookies

Non-Cat Books

  • Who Do You See?
  • African Wild Dog
  • Working With Wild Horses

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