Big Cat Halloween Games, Goodies, and Freebies

Here are some of our big cat Halloween Games, Goodies and Freebies for your family to enjoy.  All of our Halloween give always promote Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida and many of these Halloween goodies feature photos of the big cats that live there. Your can get free Halloween crafts for the crafting members of your family.  Your can get free Halloween desktop wallpapers, free Halloween screensavers, free Halloween games to play online and offline.  There are even free Halloween party games and party packs for you to download and print. It is our hope that you will enjoy this free Halloween stuff and pass the link to Big Cat Rescue's main web site on to your friends.

L@@K There Are New Halloween Items This Year !!


Play Tic-Tac-Toe Online with Bella Tiger & the Wicked Witch

Click Here to Play

Personalized Halloween Letters For Kids:


BE SAFE & Make Your Own Personalized Halloween Letters FOR FREE

Don't pay someone to personalize and mail Personalized Halloween Letters to your children.  Don't give your child's information to a stranger on the Internet!!! 

With this interactive site you can make your own very personalized Halloween letters with just a few key strokes and mouse clicks. 41, full length Halloween letters.  Letters are cute, funny and creative.  There are many various writing styles, so you are sure to find one your child will like without repeating the same letter year after year.

You don't even need special stationery because the letters are already fully decorated for Halloween.  There are many styles both in the Halloween decorations used on the letters and also in various writing styles and various subject matter. The letters are 'from' a variety of Halloween characters.

Free Halloween Desktop Wallpapers New 2011

  1. Decorative Halloween Desktop Wallpapers Leopard Set 1
  2. Decorative Halloween Desktop Wallpapers Leopard Set 2
  3. Decorative Halloween Desktop Wallpapers Leopard Set 3
  4. Decorative Halloween Desktop Wallpapers Leopard Set 4
  5. Decorative Halloween Desktop Wallpapers Tigers Set 2
  6. Decorative Halloween Desktop Wallpapers Tigers Set 3

Free Halloween Big Cat Screensavers To Download

Here are some big cat free downloadable photo screensavers decorated with Halloween themes. Click on a screensaver in the list below to go to a page to see small views of all the tiger photos in that Halloween screensaver.

  1. Halloween Tigers One
  2. Halloween Tigers Two
  3. Halloween Tigers Three
  4. Halloween Leopards One
  5. Halloween Leopards Two
  6. Halloween Leopards Three
  7. Halloween Leopards Four
  8. Halloween African Lion
  9. Halloween Black Leopards One
  10. Halloween Black Leopards Two

Free Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles To Download

Here are some big cat free downloadable free computer Jigsaw puzzles with big cat themes and Halloween themes. CLICK HERE to see photos of the puzzles and to get the download links.

Free Halloween Printable Coloring Pages

Here are some big cat free downloadable free kids' coloring pages with big cat themes and Halloween themes.


CLICK HERE to see more Halloween coloring pages, instructions and downloads.

Halloween Printable Craft / Game: Leopard bingo

Halloween Leopard Bingo Craft Game you can download, print, make & play with your children or give as a Halloween gift.

CLICK HERE to see more screen shots, instructions and downloads.

Halloween Online Spot the Difference Game

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS GAME Here is a free Halloween flash game where you look at two cartoon pictures carefully, find and circle the differences in the two pictures.  This game reinforces critical thinking skills.

Halloween Online Words Search Game

This game is temporarily disabled for updates. In this cute little Halloween word game you find and circle Halloween themed words.  This game reinforces reading skills and critical thinking skills.

Halloween Online Drop Puzzle Matching Strategy Game

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS GAME In this cute little puzzle game you click on two items to make them switch places. Your goal is to get at least three like items in a row.  It is also a game of strategy because if you plan your moves carefully and get as many matching items as you can to 'break' at once you get higher points.

Printable Big Cat "Go Fish" Card Game / Craft

***CLICK HERE*** to learn more and to download the print file for this fun kids Christmas Craft / Game.  This fun little card game plays just like the popular kids card game "Go Fish".  You can choose other versions beside this Christmas version.  This Christmas kids craft / game makes a great stocking stuffer.  It also make a fun little gift to add to letters from Santa.

Free Halloween Printable Worksheets / Halloween Activity Work Sheets

Here are some big cat Halloween printable work sheets for you and your child to enjoy.   They are not only colorful and fun but teach valuable pre-skills for math and reading giving your child a head start on learning.  These free to print out activity sheets will make great little holiday gifts to go in personalized Halloween letters or in Trick or Treat bags instead of candy.

  1. Choose A Worksheet Home Page
  2. Shere Khan's Halloween Which Comes Next ( Patterns )
  3. Shere Khan's Halloween Which One Does Not Belong
  4. Shere Khan & China Doll's Halloween Match-Up
  5. Bengal Cat Halloween Match-Up
  6. Zabu, The White Tiger's Halloween Match-Up
  7. Shere Khan's Circle the Most (Choosing the Most)
  8. African Lion's Halloween Which Is Largest

Halloween Craft For Teachers, Parents & Kids:


Decorate & Print Custom Big Cat Halloween Bookmarks

This cute little Halloween craft is fun for adults, children and small groups. You can design and decorate these fun little bookmarks anyway you want them.  Teachers, will make great gifts for students.  Parents, they will make funny little gift additions to your child's personalized Halloween letter.  grandparents, if you are looking for something to hand out on Halloween that is not candy, make personalized bookmarks for your grandchildren instead.  Or, better yet, download these little kids' craft programs and put them on a CD-ROM for your grandchildren.  Children love do-it-yourself projects and crafts.

Halloween Craft For Kids:


Make Your Print Free Big Cat Halloween Party Favor Treat Bags

Print your own Halloween Party Favor Gift Bags that have a big cat theme. Simply print, cut, fold and hang on your door. This children's Halloween craft is a great way to include your child in the preparations for their Halloween parties. Doing a Halloween craft with your child offers wonderful opportunities for relaxed conversations with your child, which gives you a great window into who your child is growing up to be.  Besides it is just fun and on top of that it might save you some money over buying party packs at the store.  Think of the joy your child will feel when their guests are given a treat bag they helped you make.

Kids Halloween Craft:

Print Free Big Cat Halloween Party Favor Games

Print your own Halloween Party Favor Games.  Here is another cute kids' craft for Halloween.  you can make a cute deck of big cat memory match cards and even make the sweet little box to store them in.  This will be a fun game for you and your child or for use as a party favor to put in the above Halloween party gift bag.  These would also make awesome little gifts to include in your child's personalized Halloween letter.

Children's Halloween Craft:


Print Free Big Cat Halloween Party Door Hanger

Here is another cute little Halloween craft to do with your child.  Print your own Halloween Party Door Hangers that have a big cat theme. Simply print, cut, fold and tape to have the unique party favor gift bags.

Child's Halloween Party Craft:


Print & Make Your Own Halloween Party Hats

If you child is having a Halloween party, think of the smiles they will give you while you help them make these unique party hats for their little friends.

Halloween Craft Halloween Party Invitations:

Play FREE Halloween Flash Games Online

Spend a little fun time with your youngster, playing clean fun Halloween games online.

Halloween Balloon Popping Fun

Silly Big Cat Halloween Solitaire Game

Play Free Halloween Solitaire Featuring Big Cats

Spot The Difference

Find and click on the differences between the pictures on the left and the right.

Halloween Word Search


Halloween Drop Matching


Jack O Lantern Craft:


Free Drag & Drop Halloween Design & Print Jack-O-Lantern Pattern

This cute and easy to use game takes the guess work out of making funny face patterns for your Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns. You simply drag and drop the silly face parts onto the pumpkin. When you have the silly face just the way you want it just click the print button. Viola... a purr-fect silly face pattern comes out of your printer. Pin or trace the pattern onto your pumpkin, then have an adult cut the pattern out of your pumpkin to make the purr-fect Halloween Jack-O-Lantern.

Halloween Safety:


Play A FREE Halloween Trick or Treating Game "Safety Bat"

This cute Halloween game teaches children Halloween safety tips they should know and remember to help them have a safe and fun Halloween. The game in built in the shape of a bat and runs completely self-contained in one small file. This game is a free download for your personal use. There is a little animated and interactive safety quiz. Once the children complete that they can even print out a certificate and play a Halloween dress-up game.

Free Halloween Download:


Halloween Boo Gram Game

Here is a cute little Halloween program to download and have some Halloween fun with your kids.  They can write a letter to the nice Boogey man and he will 'write back'.  This little game even includes a cute little game of Halloween dress up, too.  There is even a Halloween coloring page for them to print. CLICK HERE to see more screen shots & to download this funny little game.

Free Halloween Game To Download:


Halloween Tiger Dress-Up Game

This is a Tiger Halloween Dress-up game.  It was made by Rainie from Billy Bear's Playground as a gift to Big Cat Rescue.  It is really a cute little game where you drag and drop Halloween costumes onto a cartoon version of Shere Khan the tiger.  This cute little Halloween dress-up games plays totally self-contained in one very small file.  This is a free Halloween download for our website visitors.   CLICK HERE

Send FREE Halloween eCards

Send FREE Halloween eCards to all of your friends and family.  Your can choose from big cat photos, decorated big cat photos, big cats animated eCards, and big cat video eCards.  There are even big cat games as eCards.

Free Online Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles:


Play Free Big Cat Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles Online CLICK HERE

This Halloween goodies section is a batch of free Halloween puzzles made from photos of the lions and tigers getting Halloween pumpkins at Big Cat Rescue.


Halloween Crossword Puzzle, Old Style CLICK HERE

Halloween Craft Personalized Storybook:

Personalize& Print Your Very Personalized Halloween Storybook

Here is a children's book about orphaned baby cougars. This children's computer book can be personalized, by you, especially for your own child.  It is very easy.  You simply fill in the blanks on the first screen and that info is automatically inserted in the appropriate places in the entire story book. 

Each page is a big full color photo of cougars, mountain lions and pumas.

You can then read it or print it.  Enjoy it with your child or give it as a fun Halloween gift. 

  • Link Coming Soon - Book features are being updated


Free Halloween Desktop Wallpapers

  • Links coming soon

Free Big Cat Halloween Screensavers

  1. Free Halloween Screensaver, Bearcats ( Binturong )
  2. Free Halloween Screensaver, Bengal Cat
  3. Free Halloween Screensaver, Bobcat, Set ONE
  4. Free Halloween Screensaver, Bobcat, Set TWO
  5. Free Halloween Screensaver, Bobcat, Set THREE
  6. Free Halloween Screensaver, Cameron, the African Lion, Has A Toy
  7. Free Halloween Screensaver, Cameron & Zabu Playing
  8. Free Halloween Screensaver, Canadian Lynx, Set ONE
  9. Free Halloween Screensaver, Canadian Lynx, Set TWO
  10. Free Halloween Screensaver, Caracal Lynx, Set ONE
  11. Free Halloween Screensaver, Caracal Lynx, Set TWO
  12. Free Halloween Screensaver, Caracal Lynx, Set THREE
  13. Free Halloween Screensaver, Cougars
  14. Free Halloween Screensaver, Fishing Cat
  15. Free Halloween Screensaver, A Leopard Named Cheetaro
  16. Free Halloween Screensaver, A leopard Named Sundari
  17. Free Halloween Screensaver, African Servals, Set ONE
  18. Free Halloween Screensaver, African Servals, Set TWO
  19. Free Halloween Screensaver, An African Serval Named Frosty
  20. Free Halloween Screensaver, A Snow Leopard Named Hercules
  21. Free Halloween Screensaver, A Tiger Named Auroara, Set ONE
  22. Free Halloween Screensaver, A Tiger Named Auroara, Set TWO
  23. Free Halloween Screensaver, A Tiger Named Auroara, Set THREE
  24. Free Halloween Screensaver, A Tiger Named Bengali
  25. Free Halloween Screensaver, A Tiger Named Flavio
  26. Free Halloween Screensaver, A Tiger Named Nini
  27. Free Halloween Screensaver, A White Tiger Named Zabu

Free Halloween Download:


Free Halloween Mini-Program Greeting Cards

These cute little mini-programs have funny sound effects and animations and are just a fun silly way to tell a friend, "Happy Halloween.

Purchase Halloween Big Cat Photo Greeting Cards

The front of each of these big cat photo Halloween Greeting cards can be framed as a full color 7"x5" photo. That means you are sending much more than just a greeting card.

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